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Grupo OUEST arose from the business opportunity we detected as a consequence of Guadalajara City’s development and growth.

To date, Grupo OUEST has participated in the development of more than 20,000 homes.

Currently, we focus on the tourist, commercial, and residential markets from our pillars: OUEST, OUEST PRIMER CUADRO, and LIVING OUEST.



We focus on innovative tourism, commercial, and residential projects integrated into the environment. We create unique solutions according to the market’s demands; we innovate through careful planning and analysis of each space. Thus we have achieved a long history of success, vast experience, and national and international recognition always to the benefit of our clients and their clients.

A Personal Experience for life

Living OUEST

Extra Quality of Life

Ciudad Granja.

In the 70s, this forested community became an urban area. Its privileged location, cobbled streets, and fast access high-ways (Av. Vallarta and Periferico) have transformed it into a very high surplus-value area, up to 200% towards the last years.

OUEST Living’s “Ciudad Granja” is a residential project that offers modern and highly functional houses and apartments in gated communities with multiple amenities.

Ciudad Granja is a site where universities, commercial centers, industry, and residential areas meet. Undoubtedly, one of Grupo OUEST’s great achievements.


OUEST Primer Cuadro

Live Close. Live Your Area.

The Illusion of your first home. The ideal apartment to begin your patrimony investment.

Primer Cuadro developments have a unique location right in the heart of the city.

Modern apartments in an atmosphere of closeness, security, and tranquility. The best way to begin with family life.


Shaping the Future

In Grupo OUEST, we differentiate ourselves by creating unique architectural solutions that adapt to the markets’ needs while minimizing the environmental impact.

We achieve to integrate humans and their environment through careful planning, analysis, and using the most advanced techniques and world-class technologies.

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